• New social media marketing generation

    The first integrated platform for Managing, Listening, Analysing, Monitoring and Social Media Management.

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot

    This tool makes it possible to re-think the experience of meeting the brand for the user by exploring their micro-moments

  • Buzzlogger Insight

    The first tool offering on a single platform the possibility of analysing and monitoring your social profiles and analysing the competitors’ reputation

  • Business Analytics

    The software for Monitoring the web, Listening, Interacting, Analysing and creating Reports. You just have to activate the dedicated dashboard tailored to your company’s specific needs

  • Social Wall

    A new way of conceiving storytelling, where users become the protagonists of your brand


Buzzlogger, your entire tool kit

for your social media strategy


Analyse the contents and choose the most engaging hashtags and the performances of the brand profiles, and benchmark competitors finding their positioning on the reference market.


Find out what they say on the web, find the most relevant conversations in real-time, choosing from millions of sources, and get insights into how to improve your strategies.


Develop a conversation and offer a unique social experience with the ground-breaking Facebook Chat Bot. Send push updates, offer discounts, provide assistance. Without even leaving Messanger


Optimise the management of your social networks and plan your posts using a single, user-friendly platform


Monitor your reputation in real-time with the semantic engine assessing the sentiment of value and emotions linked to the brand and the influencers. Measure the success of campaigns or any important event.

Create report

With few clicks you can generate a report in a whole range of pre-defined models or tailored to your needs and the relevant KPI

Buzzlogger is the all-Italian software for listening and monitoring the network and social media.

Buzzlogger was created from the experience of an all-Italian team of developers and social media strategy experts. Using web and social media monitoring and analysis methodologies, BuzzLogger offers a whole range of services for the decision-making process in any business field, from R&D to Marketing and Communications.

BuzzLogger enables you to simplify the management and monitoring of information flows on the web, offering an accurate strategy for tackling emerging criticalities, such as the markets and competitors (market analysis), web reputation of brands, products and services, market trends and forecasts (trendwatching), social networks, communities and influential people in your industry, and reputation crisis (crisis detection).


Choose the tool that best suits your needs

All the web on a single platform and in real time

All your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google Analytics pages at your fingertip on a single platform. BuzzloggerInsight is the tool that enables you to analyse and monitor all your social profiles in real time for an interactive analysis of the positioning of companies, brands, products, public personas and opinion leaders. Moreover, the competitor analysis function enables you to organise your strategy in a competitive way.

The first platform that, with few clicks, enables you to realise the Bot Messenger for your Facebook page

BuzzloggerFacebook Messenger Bot is the first all-Italian platform that offers you the possibility of creating, with few simple steps, the Bot for your Facebook page.

Send updates to your readers, offer discounts to your customers, provide assistance and information support your customers in the search for products. All without leaving Messanger! Buzzlogger bot is the platform that enables users, through a simple and intuitive dashboard, to set and publish their chatbox, and monitor it through a dedicated analytics dashboard

Turn your users into the protagonists of brand storytelling

BuzzLogger Social Wall is the platform that brings together user-generated content from various social media and arranges them following fully-customisable viewing dynamics ideal for websites, events or instore activations

A dashboard specifically tailored to your business needs

Business Analytics offers a whole range of services supporting decision-making processes in any business function, from R&D to Marketing and Communications.
Tailored dashboards make it possible to simplify the management and monitoring of the information flows running on the web by collecting the data available online, in their entirety, and presenting a clear picture of the whole scenario. This software offers a real-time view of the markets and competitors (market analysis), the web reputation of brands, products and services, market trends and forecasts (trend watching), social networks, communities and influential people in your industry, and reputation crisis (crisis detection).

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